Lessons Learned From Trying to Configure Jira

  1. Jira configuration is a massive time sink, so try not to change the config
  2. “Project” is a misnomer. “Development Group” would be a better description. A Jira “project” is a description of how an organisation works. If you only have one organisational way of doing things, then you probably should have only one project
  3. “Next-gen projects” and “New issue view” aren’t ready for prime-time yet (as of Dec 2018). Turn them off
  4. You can’t change the layout of the view issue screens. Give up trying
  5. You can change the layout of edit screens, but share common layouts across projects with common ways of working. The Jira default of having separate layout config per project leads to madness
  6. Track estimates for future planning at the “story” level; track time spent delivering stories at either the “story” or “sub-task” level

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