Programmatically Creating a CodePen


I’m helping with . I’m trying to find a way to create environments automatically from the GitHub repo.

How Can I Create a New Pen Using Code?

There is an API documented here:

I’d like to test it. Can I do that on CodePen itself? Here’s a work in progress:

Initial Attempts with JavaScript Fetch

If you follow the link to the CodePen above you’ll see that I can run the sample HTML form to create the pen just fine. I can’t seem to make that work with a JavaScript Fetch request.

The way that CodePen responds to a call to its API is to send an HTTP 302 redirect to load a new Pen with the values set up as per the API parameters. It seems to use the “codepen_session” cookie to then know what details to load in the resulting Pen. This new Pen is not saved at this point. It needs user interaction to be able to save the resulting Pen.

Hypothesis for How To Create Pens From GitHub

I’m going to try to create a button in the file shown on GitHub that will take the contents of the files in the repository folder and create a new CodePen Pen from them.

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