Coding HTML and CSS at the Manchester CoderDojo

I’m starting to prepare what we’re going to do at the June 2018 Manchester CoderDojo. It’s going to be something web-based as #3 son has started enjoying playing around with Mozilla Thimble tool. The question is what tools can we use.

It is a perennial problem to find tools that will help the CoderDojo attendees (typically in the 10-14 age range) work on whatever project we are doing that month. We get a wide collection of random PCs and operating systems showing up at the dojo. Something web-based definitely saves loads of headaches setting things up. This month I’m going to have a go using HTML Editor and HTML Cheatsheet. They are simple tools to explore and experiment with HTML and CSS. I think they have the right level of simplicity and interactivity.

Anyone with experience of using these, or other HTML/CSS tools, for kids’ starter projects please drop me a line.

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